It10  is a cooperative company of Informatics and Telecommunications, integrated by a group of enthusiastic professionals that provide technological solutions in a flexible and efficient way.

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Address: Lavalle 922, Río IV. Córdoba. Argentina

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Telephone: (+549) 358 4823284,  Email:  [email protected]

Addr: Lavalle 922, Rio IV. Cordoba. Argentina 


 Android Apps

  We develop custom Android applications for each individual, institutional or business requirement. We focus on the applications having an excellent user experience with a friendly and innovative design.

Web Systems

These tools allow the user to manage and visualize large amounts of data quickly, efficiently and easily. Through administration panels, operations such as registrations, deletions and modifications of different entities, whether users, or elements can be carried out.

Web Pages

Having a website offers you the opportunity to reach more customers, no matter if it is a local business, you can achieve greater presence and visibility, improving business opportunities and attracting potential customers.

IoT - Internet of Things

This concept refers to a digital interconnection of everyday objects with the internet. With the data and information collected you can also automate functions, reduce costs and improve decision making.


We are pleased to present some of our clients, with whom we carry out different types of projects. We believe that the integration of disciplines is the key to the development of the best technology.

Inar group

Solutions for the Industry, optimization of processes with technological innovation.

Dante alighieri

Bilingual school in Rio cuarto, Córdoba. Argentina


Maniagro, is one of the most important companies in Argentine produccion of peanut.


Universidad Nacional de Villa María

National University of Villa María. Argentina.


Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto.

National University of Río Cuarto. Argentina.


Services cooperative company in Carnerillo, Córdoba. Argentina.


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